Dresó improved UX and increased profits

  • migration
  • high availability
  • scalability








The dynamic development of the shop resulted in a constant need to flexibly scale the infrastructure and react to sales jumps. However, frequent errors and mismatched environments of the Magento application posed a problem.


  • Cloud migration
  • Oktawave Cloud Instance
  • Oktawave Cloud Storage
  • Oktawave Volume Storage
  • Oktawave Private Network
  • Load Balancer
  • Cloud Operations Support

Business Benefits

  • Stable environment
  • Scalability
  • Optimization of costs
  • Optimization of IT work
  • Engineering support
  • Improved UX
  • Sales increase


Dresó specializes in the sale of high-quality fabrics and haberdashery as well as tailor’s kits and patterns. The growing interest in the shop offer began to cause problems with traffic handling. A stable, scalable solution soon became necessary. Following its bad experience with dedicated servers and failed migrations to various environments, the company decided to start cooperation with Oktawave.


The rapid development of the shop on the Magento platform repeatedly forced the IT team to react immediately to sales jumps, both forecast and unplanned. The team tackled numerous problems concerning the selection of an appropriate dedicated environment and experienced many difficulties during their previous migrations.

The main trouble was frequent errors and mismatched environments of the Magento application. The errors directly affected the shop customers, which was unacceptable.

The company considered moving to the AWS cloud, but it eventually chose the platform offered by Oktawave. One decisive factor was the attractive price. Dresó also received a dedicated server offer from one of Poland’s leading Magento deployers. However, remembering its negative experience with dedicated servers, it decided to reject that option.

First of all, we wanted the server infrastructure to be located domestically, not somewhere in Central Europe or overseas. What prevailed was Polish support: we felt a patriotic need to bolster the domestic business. Besides, we had heard quite a lot on the advantages of the Oktawave environment in the IT circles. Thus, our choice was sealed.

Radosław Cyganek, CTO, Dresó


The Oktawave team was entrusted with the migration of the entire online shop on Magento (a multistore handling 4 currencies and 4 languages) and various auxiliary systems used by the company. The project included building a whole new environment in the Oktawave cloud, deployment of new server solutions, improvement of application efficiency, optimization of the database and the cache systems as well as deployment of HA (high-availability) mechanisms.

The migration was carried out in a professional, planned and coordinated manner, in collaboration with our developers. Therefore, we managed to avoid any serious problems. The post-migration cooperation runs smoothly because Oktawave is a recommendable partner to help you any time, day or night – and that is the most important aspect in e-commerce.

Radosław Cyganek, CTO, Dresó


The change of infrastructure positively influenced both the IT area and the business itself. The migration to the Oktawave cloud and the Cloud Operations team ensured cost optimization as well as fluency of actions and business decision making. The shop became stable and the number of errors was reduced. Consequently, customer satisfaction increased, which translated into UX improvement and higher profits. The company is glad of the change and is already planning migrations of its other pages and e-commerce websites to improve their operation too.