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On April 1, 2024, there was a radical change in VMware technology licensing model by Broadcom. During this transition period, Oktawave team, as a VCSP Premier Partner, provides full support and smooth transition through the transformation process, ensuring business continuity.

Changes in VMware - what's next?

In connection with VMware being incorporated into Broadcom, as of April 1, 2024, the licensing model within the Broadcom Advantage partner program has changed. Oktawave holds Premier partner status and serves as a VMware Cloud Service Provider (VCSP).

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Trusted VMware Partner

We will assist you in seamlessly navigating through the transformation process while ensuring uninterrupted cloud services. With a team of nearly 100 experts, we have been managing and enhancing cloud environments built on VMware technology for over a decade, providing 24/7/365 administrative support.

Why collaborate with Oktawave?

Expert Cloud Team

Our team of nearly 100 cloud experts and engineers boasts years of experience maintaining and developing our clients' IT environments. With diverse competencies and extensive technical knowledge, we fully grasp your business needs and offer tailored recommendations to tackle your challenges effectively.

Proven VMware Experience

With our extensive experience in VMware technology, Oktawave has emerged as a specialist in providing strategic recommendations and selecting the optimal solutions for your business. We possess comprehensive product knowledge and stay updated on new licensing conditions, ensuring a worry-free transformation process for you.

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Highly Skilled Support

Our dedicated support team stands ready to address your needs promptly, 24/7/365. We communicate in Polish, enhancing operational efficiency. As a Premier Partner, we facilitate swift and efficient communication with the Broadcom support line if required.

Personalized Approach

Focused on European market, we offer comprehensive and personalized support for your business. From selecting the right VMware solutions to assisting with sales and marketing activities, we provide access to updated product knowledge tailored to your specific needs.

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How can I determine my core requirements without specifying the exact number of CPU cores?   

To determine core requirements, you can simply check the number of CPU cores in vCenter. Each processor, regardless of the actual number of cores, is billed from a set minimum level, which is 16 cores. If you have trouble estimating your needs, our experts can assist you.

How are measurements conducted, and how is the utilization level of cores monitored precisely?   

Measurements are conducted using a dedicated tool in your infrastructure, which automatically records the number of cores used and sends the information to Broadcom on a monthly basis. A solution supporting segregated environments is also available.

Which hosts are considered for billing purposes regarding used cores? Are there any exceptions?   

All productive hosts with at least one virtual machine running are billed. Hosts in maintenance mode, hosts controlled by DPM, or those serving as SRM targets are not considered.

What are the requirements regarding the minimum number of cores and the duration of the contract?   

You commit to purchasing a minimum number of cores (16 cores) for a period of 36 months.

Can CPU cores be deactivated, and does it affect billing issues?   

Yes, processor cores can be disabled in the BIOS. However, measurements only consider cores visible in vSphere - at least 16 cores per processor.

Which VMware technologies are included by default in the VCF package, and are additional solutions available?   

As a service provider, you have access to the VCF package, which includes a range of products such as vSphere Enterprise+, Aria Suite Enterprise, vSAN Enterprise (1 TiB per Core), NSX Enterprise+, and HCX Enterprise. Additionally, extra solutions like vSAN, SRM, Firewall, and others are available.

Is it mandatory to use VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) solutions?   

Using VCF solutions is not mandatory, but this option provides essential, key licenses.

For which firewall functions are NSX licenses available, and what are the detailed requirements?   

Stateless Gateway Firewalls are included in VCF. Stateful Gateway Firewalls and Distributed Firewalls are available separately.

How is the NSX core calculated for specific firewall functions?   

Calculations are based on the number of Edge Transport Node cores (VM or Bare-Metal), including HA instances, multiplied by 4.

What is the onboarding process, and what steps are necessary to start using the services?   

During the deployment process, we install the core usage measurement tool, update the license keys, and provide training on dedicated solutions.

How is support provided?   

Our experienced support team is available to assist you with any technical doubts or issues. If a problem cannot be resolved from within the Oktawave organization, the inquiry is directed straight to Broadcom.

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