Cloud Migration Case Study

GET IT moves their workloads to a fast and highly available infrastructure

  • high availability


GET IT Sp. z o.o.




Warsaw, Poland


GET IT wanted to abandon the obsolete Lotus Notes e-mail solution and the network storage system, as they did no longer met business requirements. They wanted to migrate from Lotus to Microsoft Office 365 and implement the inherent collaboration features.


  • Oktawave Cloud Instance
  • Oktawave Cloud Storage
  • Oktawave Private Network
  • Oktawave Volume Storage
  • Microsoft 365 (Teams, Office apps (Outlook, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access) OneDrive, SharePoint)

Business Benefits

  • Stable environment
  • Flexible solution
  • Quick deployment of new machines
  • High application availability
  • Efficient teamwork


GET IT offers professional translation services for large companies and a full range of language solutions, eliminating language barriers in business. It implements huge, complex, and multi-stage projects. GET IT translates up to 2,000 pages a day and over 250,000 a year.

GET IT is a pioneer in using the latest technological achievements, including artificial intelligence. Thanks to this, the company provides its clients with the opportunity to achieve business goals at the highest level.


GET IT has been using Lotus Notes for years, and eventually, that solution prevented them from keeping up with technological progress. The lack of support for online collaboration or the increasing costs of maintenance were quoted among the many challenges the company faced. The need to improve internal communication and reduce technical were the key reasons the company approached Oktawave for help. One of the prerequisites was that the cloud provider can ensure security measures aligned with the ISO 27001 standard.


Before GET IT decided to migrate its resources to the cloud, it analyzed the existing IT environment and defined the company's business needs. Various possibilities and tools were considered. Ultimately, the Office 365 applications were selected. Our team examined the expectations and set a schedule together with GET IT. Then we started migrating email and application resources to Office 365, utilizing the Oktawave cloud. GET IT uses several additional Microsoft 365 applications, thanks to which the organization has created a stable, fast, highly available, and modern work environment. It has proved to be extremely useful and particularly effective during the pandemic.

A big change in the company, such as a transition to new technologies, usually causes a lot of questions: will we expose the company to IT risks? will everything work THIS Monday? will customers be affected by it? Going through the process, it is worth having a partner who has the foundations in place and knowledge to ensure its safety. And we succeeded! So today we are just wondering why we decided to migrate so late, it went so smoothly :-) Thank you!

Piotr Czajkowski, CEO GET IT