Oktawave Cloud Instances

Highly scalable cloud servers

Easily deploy virtual machines for all kinds of business workloads: e-commerce, databases, applications and more.

Oktawave Cloud Instances

Virtual servers in the cloud

Spin up your own Oktawave Cloud Instance (OCI) with any spec in about one minute. Leverage that single OCI to provision hundreds more using snapshots, clones and linked clones. Reach out to us if you are interested in building advanced high-availability architecture. We're here to help.

Versatile platform

Build on a solid VMware®-powered cloud platform that supports all major operating systems (incl. Linux, Windows, FreeBSD), as well as any open-source and enterprise applications (SQL Server, SAP).

Full flexibility

Choose from multiple configurations and a range of high performance storage options. The computing resources can be easily adjusted to any workload.

End-to-end control

Access your cloud resources and track your usage with a user-friendly control panel or connect programmatically via REST API.

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Optimized TCO

Secure your cloud investment and benefit from flexible pricing and convenient payment models: fixed-price, pre-paid, and pay-as-you-go.

High data security

Your IT infrastructure will be hosted exclusively in Tier 3 data centers that meet CSA STAR, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS security standards.



Thanks to the geographic distribution of our data centers, our solutions offer a high level of scalability and availability. Our infrastructure is located in three TIER 3 certified data centers.

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    PL-WAW Warsaw 1

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    PL-WAW Warsaw 2

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    PL-KRK Cracow

Cutting-edge tech

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    Ultra-fast storage

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    Task scheduler

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    High availability

  • Ultra-fast storage

  • Task scheduler

  • Autoscaler

  • High availability

Secure and performant data storage technology. Enables massive amounts of data to be processed with a throughput up to 200,000 IOPS for a volume storage unit connected to an OCI instance. Full support for snapshots, clones, and linked clones, which allows hundreds of new virtual servers to be deployed in seconds.

Easily automate tasks related to your cloud services. You can optimize usage costs by scheduling a start-up and shut-down cycle for OCI or changing the specs according to anticipated demand for computing power. Scheduler can also be used to make backup copies.

The Autoscaler feature automatically adjusts OCI parameters to meet ever-changing demand for computing power. Not only can it alter the RAM or CPU of a single OCI, but can also - while interoperating with the load balance - change the number of virtual machines on which your application runs.

Oktawave cloud platform comes with a range of tools that help you build high-availability architecture locally and/or globally. OCI is fully compatible with Floating IP (which constructs HA clusters between subregions), Load Balancing (distributes traffic between multiple OCI servers), and Oktawave DNS (manages traffic between remote and central data centers).

direct connection

fast & predictable network

Benefit from a low latency network that is designed to speed up the data exchange process. Build on top of direct connections to the key global network providers with No-NAT physical connection to every virtual machine. Connect to Oktawave by physical connection through one of the selected European Internet eXchange (IX) points.

# uruchom nową instancję
curl -X POST
--header 'Content-Type: application/json'
--header 'Accept: application/json'
--header 'Authorization: Bearer 64b342bfa972798f365555204977f19f' -d '{
"AuthorizationMethodId": 1399,
"DiskClass": 48,
"DiskSize": 5,
"InstanceName": "Oktawave API test",
"InstancesCount": 1,
"IPAddressId": 0,
"SubregionId": 6,
"TemplateId": 764,
"TypeId": 1047
}' 'https://api.oktawave.com/services'

Cloud API

Automate your infrastructure

Integrate any app with your Oktawave cloud services using the Cloud API. Automate and streamline deployments while mitigating the risk of errors or unexpected changes.

Oktawave Cloud API unlocks advanced features and settings that are not available in the Control Panel. It allows you to programmatically manage any service.

Learn more

OCI usage reports



Our powerful reporting system delivers numbers dynamically in real time.



Relevant data is displayed graphically to the user in straightforward charts.



Reports contain usage details of each OCI as well as relevant billing history.


Ultra-fast storage

Need more I/O?

Get extra performance for your workloads. Attach one or more Oktawave Volume Storage units to your cloud server. You can move OVS to another virtal machine at any time. We offer 5 performance tiers from 1000 to 200 000 IOPS.

OS templates

Linux or Windows?

Save time with pre-installed operating systems and distros or upload your own virtual machine images. And yes, it works both ways. You can download a custom template from our platform and install it on your own infrastructure.

  • CentOS


  • CentOS


  • CentOS


  • CentOS

    Fedora Server

  • CentOS


  • CentOS


  • CentOS

    Windows Server