Oktawave Kubernetes Service

Kubernetes clusters made easy

Easily provision your own dedicated Kubernetes cluster in minutes on a scalable and secure cloud infrastructure.

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Oktawave Kubernetes Service

flexibility & speed to market

Kubernetes is an industry standard container orchestration technology that allows modern IT teams to accelerate the deployment of complex cloud-native projects. We offer OKS, a managed service that makes container deployment, scaling, and management much easier, even in a multi-cloud environment.

build & scale any kind of app

Web apps

OKS makes your web applications scalable, highly available, and less expensive in terms of deployment of new versions.

Backend services

Build, develop, and manage services that support your other applications with custom business logic, handle database queries, and process data.

Release Automation

Develop your application based on CI/CD processes to shorten release cycles and improve the productivity of the IT team.

business focus

maximize your cloud ROI

Increased productivity

Increased productivity

OKS supports teams of DevOps, developers, administrators, and engineers in deployment and testing of applications.

multi-cloud environment

Multi-cloud ready

The application deployed in OKS can be simultaneously implemented on other clouds supporting Kubernetes clusters.

Scalable clusters

Scalable clusters

Clusters launched within OKS can be freely adapted to a growing scale of the application.

High availability

High availability

Continuous cluster monitoring allows you to quickly respond to failures, whereas cloud infrastructure ensures high availability.

Kubernetes cluster pricing

pay only for used resources

Infrastructure resources on master nodes are available free of charge. You only pay for resources consumed under worker nodes according to the price list. As part of the Kubernetes cluster architecture, you can use server instances, private networks, storage, load balancer and public IP address.