Oktawave Volume Storage

block storage

Get more I/O for your workloads. OVS is a highly secure and available cloud storage service offering unbeatable performance and flexibility.

disk space

on-demand volume

Add as much disk space as you need to match your workloads in the Oktawave Control Panel. Starting at 0.0001 €/GB per month.

preformance tiers

adjust the I/O to your needs

A tier 5 OVS unit delivers a throughput of up to 3 GB/s and up to 200,000 IOPS. Tier 1 units offer a throughput of 300 MB/s and 1000 IOPS. The low latency of the OVS service allows you to use it in real-time data processing systems.

bulk provisioning

Designed for scalability

The snapshot, clone and linked clone features of OVS allow you to provision hundreds of new virtual machines (OCI). You can do it at any time, in a few minutes.

With advanced multi-level snapshots, you can run and test multiple versions of your application simultaneously, while the original version remains unaffected.

Tier IOPS Transfer
Tier 1 1000 ≤ 150 MB/s
Tier 2 20 000 ≤ 500 MB/s
Tier 3 50 000 800 MB/s
Tier 4 100 000 1,2 GB/s
Tier 5 200 000 1,8 GB/s
smooth resource migration

smooth migration

The OVS allows you to move your resources smoothly across all 5 available tiers. At the same time, it automatically adjusts the performance to the current workload.

instance independent


The OVS service is instance-independent, which means you can detach it from one virtual machine and attach to another without powering down those instances.


move workloads
with ease

OVS services can be attached to virtual machines running in different subregions. You can freely move them between the subregions too.

compare storage options

choose the best storage
for your project



type: block storage

strength: performance

use case: database




type: object storage

strength: scalability

use case: static assets