Improve the availability of your applications by routing users to the closest and fastest datacenter, or cloud.

Oktawave Traffic Manager

dynamic network traffic management

The Oktawave Traffic Manager service allows you to develop fail-safe high-availablty architectures. The decision-making logic of OTM instantly respond to downtime of any application - whether on a physical, virtual, or cloud environment.

load balancing

route the traffic where you want

OTM allows dynamic load balancing between physical servers, data centers, public or private clouds, or dedicated environments.

advanced monitoring

Keep downtime
under control

Combine OTM with Oktawave Watch to actively monitor and respond to the status of your entire infrastructure and application.

You can track single points of failure, check service level reports, or examine the behavior of your application from the perspective of the end user.

high availability

ensure business continuity

In case of outages, OTM allows parallel, temporary or permanent routing of network traffic to those endpoints that are fully operational.

Your backup servers can be located in any data center in the world.

The OTM service monitors all servers associated with your domain address and automatically adjusts the domain configuration to their status.

OTM in practice

Explore the possibilities

traffic management

Automatically route users only to those servers and data centers that are fully operational.


Create custom logic that automatically shifts traffic to a backup data center in case of downtime.


Disconnect servers that are due for maintenance break and keep your apps running on other endpoints.

Load balancing

Distribute the traffic equally between your servers, and route the traffic to other working machines.

Private domains

Define private domains for your test & development environment using any free name in .example TLD.


Use our API to automate the management of your domain's DNS records and assosiated endpoints.