Object storage
for your data

Let your business grow. Host a virtually infinite amount of assets with our scalable and secure cloud storage service.

Oktawave Cloud Storage

scalable data store in the cloud

Make more space for your data as your business grows. Host, serve and archive any type of content or backup copies. Oktawave Cloud Storage (OCS) is a secure object storage service designed for high-availabilty. It works with every app thanks to OpenStack Swift-compatible API

data security

keep your assets safe

OCS stores your assets in multiple copies, which reduces the risk of data loss in case of outage. Powerful security features give you control over containers and objects. You can manage user roles and privileges or even enable data versioning.


Optimize your
data TCO

Pay only for the disk space you use and for data transfer. You can scale it up as your business grows. OCS offers virtually infinite space for your data.

file sharing for teams

Use OCS as a shared drive to store company assets and share them with your team. Install a third-party file browser on your computer (e.g. CyberDuck). Create user accounts in the Oktawave control panel and define user privileges for your team members


Easy setup

You do not have to deploy any infrastructure for the cloud storage, OCS will handle that automatically.


Role management

Add or remove user profiles as you see fit. Freely define roles or change the level of user privileges (read/write).



Benefit from central storage service for all your apps. Use OCS to exchange data between multiple servers.

Object Storage API

Easily integrate OCS with your app

Manage objects and their metadata by using the OpenStack Swift-compatible API. Look up the official docs and start coding in your preferred language. Alternatively, web developers can pull our PHP SDK from GitHub.

GitHub OpenStack

static assets

host & deliver your content

OCS is a scalable store for your static web or application assets such as images, scripts, and style sheets. Use your own domain with an SSL certificate to ensure consistency and security arcoss your architecture.

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role management

OCS comes with a number of security features that give you full control over who can access your data in the cloud and on what terms.

Identity and access management policy allows you to create profiles of multiple users within a single Oktawave account, each with different access rights.

Temporary URLs allow you to make any private asset on your OCS publicly available for a limited time using a signed URL.

Access-Control Lists (ACL) are used to limit the access rights in regard to a specific container.