Network services

Secure traffic

Use private networks, floating IPs, and network load balancing to securely manage traffic to your cloud environment.

network security

manage your private network

Create a fully virtual data center. With Oktawave Private Network you can divide it into multiple network zones. OPN supports complete network isolation on a logical level, while allowing you to connect each instance to a single or multiple private networks.

Floating IP

easily optimize for high availability

Oktawave Floating IPs are publicly-accessible static IP addresses that you can assign to a virtual machine and instantly remap between other in the same datacenter.

Implement a failover mechanism with floating IPs to build a high-availability cluster distributed between Oktawave subregions. Floating IPs keep the original IP address anywhere they go.

load balancer

distribute network traffic equally

Oktawave Load Balancers help to distribute the network traffic to cloud server instances or instance groups that host the same application.

Use our Load Balancer together with the autoscaler to dynamically route traffic to high-performance instances. As a result, your apps will run smoothly at optimum costs.