Vowos secures reliable operation of Toybox

  • migration
  • high availability
  • scalability




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Vowos needed a reliable infrastructure to ensure high availability of the Toybox system and meet its customers’ requirements concerning data storage security.


  • Cloud migration
  • Oktawave Cloud Instance
  • Oktawave Cloud Storage
  • Oktawave Volume Storage
  • Oktawave Private Network
  • Load Balancer
  • Cloud Operations Support

Business Benefits

  • Stable environment
  • High availability
  • High data security
  • Product development possibility


Vowos develops software, such as the Toybox system, for the media industry. Thus, ensuring uninterrupted, stable operation of the system was the key factor. The Oktawave cloud platform met the company’s expectations, permitting successful deployments for customers, up to a project based on multicloud architecture.

Vowos is the leading provider of media industry solutions for the comprehensive management of film and television production, including playout solutions. The company has also created Toybox – the first ERM (Enterprise Resource Management) system in Poland. This solution simplifies the record keeping, booking, giving out and returning of equipment as well as production planning, control and settlement. It is used first and foremost by the media, television centers and television equipment rentals of various sizes.


The elaborate functions available in Toybox (such as car fleet tracking via GPS) require a reliable infrastructure ensuring high availability. The key conditions were: guaranteed stability and uninterrupted operation of the system.

The customers of Vowos are also demanding in terms of data processing security (protection against malware, encryption, firewalls etc.), and that includes physical protections applied in data centers. Moreover, they expect the solutions to meet the requirements laid down in the provisions of law, including the GDPR. Consequently, the target infrastructure needed to comply with all those criteria.


Due to its specific customers, Vowos needed a high-class infrastructure. Having analyzed the solutions available on the market, the company decided that the Oktawave cloud platform fully met its technical requirements and would ensure successful deployments even for the most demanding customers. Oktawave provides TIER 3 data centers. The server rooms are located in Poland and meet the GDPR and security requirements (as confirmed by certificates such as ISO 27001).

Oktawave also means an efficient, stable and user-friendly platform which guarantees uninterrupted provision of services. The intuitive, simple-to-use administration panel allowed the Vowos team to configure the environment by themselves and adjust it to customer requirements.

Toybox is launched for customers on virtual machines (Oktawave Cloud Instance) which form an Oktawave Private Network. Internal scaling mechanisms and load balancers (for load and traffic management) allow the applications to work efficiently and without downtimes.


The Oktawave cloud permits efficient deployment of the Toybox system and allows it to work in a smooth and continuous manner. The ongoing service of the environment poses no problem to the administrators: they have full control over the resources, and the Oktawave specialists ensure 24/7/365 support as needed.

Oktawave cloud flexibility is a huge advantage too. One project carried out by Vowos required the company to build a multicloud architecture. Thus, Oktawave was integrated with Redge Media CDN (an ecosystem for the distribution of video and audio streams) in the AWS cloud.

The high availability of the Oktawave platform (SLA 99.96%) also permits unlimited development of other, VOD-based products by Vowos. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company provided streaming services to numerous businesses and cultural institutions which moved their activity to the online world.

The solutions created in Vowos allow media companies to provide their services in a faster and more effective way. Reliability is incredibly important to our customers, so we needed an equally reliable infrastructure – and the Oktawave cloud ensures just that. Oktawave provides us with a stable and highly available environment, so we can meet our customers’ expectations and pursue unlimited development of our own products.

Łukasz W. Janas, CEO, Cofounder