Certified Partner

Managed Google Cloud

Helping businesses build and maintain highly accessible IT environments on the GCP platform. Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of our cloud engineers.


Oktawave cloud experts have been certified and accredited by Google on both business and technical levels: Meet Google Cloud Sales Credentials, Professional Cloud Architect and Associate Cloud Engineer.


Our competence in Google Cloud services has been confirmed in three areas:

- Google Cloud Partner Sell & Service

- Meet Google Cloud Sales Credentials

- Professional Cloud Architect

- Associate Cloud Engineer

Scope of services

What we can do for you

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    Design a cloud environment based on Google Cloud Architecture Framework

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    Migrate the existing environment to GCP and advise on architecture and choice of services

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    Manage GCP services and ongoing support for your environment

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    Ensure safety and compliance requirements are met

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    Optimize the costs of GCP services to meet the project budget

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    Grow your environment so that it keeps pace with product development

Why we are the perfect fit

Reliable support

Single point of contact, round-the-clock monitoring and operational support

Skills & experience

A team of Google-certified engineers looks after your cloud environment

Simple billing

Let's make things easier. Get a single invoice for all your GCP services.

Lower costs

Usage monitoring, alerts, and optimal service management

Managed GCP

Selected GCP services that we can manage for you

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    Compute service configuration, optimization and management (Compute Engine, App Engine, Preemptible VMs)

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    Storage service management (Cloud Storage, Persistent Disk, Filestore)

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    Public and private network service management (Virtual Private Cloud)

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    OS-level service monitoring (Windows, Linux, FreeBSD)

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    Management and maintenance of deployed database services (Cloud SQL, Firestore, Memorystore, Cloud Bigtable)

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    CI/CD pipeline tools (e.g. Cloud Build)

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    DevOps workflow management (Cloud Source Repositories)

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    Container and Kubernetes-related services management (Container Registry)

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    Supervision over the launched services (Cloud Deployment Manager)

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    Keeping tabs on cost effectiveness of your environment (Cost Management service)

Cloud consulting

Here to help

Get expert advice on how to design a robust cloud environment and have us manage it for you. We will help you increase the flexibility and scalability of your cloud infrastructure.


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