Deploy your workloads to the AWS platform worry-free. Oktawave cloud engineers will architect, manage and optimize your dedicated cloud environment on AWS.


More than twenty of our specialists hold certificates in architecting, maintaining and optimizing IT environments on the AWS platform.

We will provide you with support at the business consulting level. We will help you prepare and implement a cloud adoption strategy for your organization our cloud architects will design your IT environment in AWS accordingly.

The team responsible for migration will move it, run it and ensure the lowest costs. Support and maintenance teams will manage and monitor the AWS cloud environment, ensuring its availability and performance.

AWS Consulting Partner (Select)

Oktawave is a member of the AWS Partner Network. Our AWS-certified engineers and rock-solid technical support know the AWS platform inside out.

As an authorized reseller, we are happy to set up and manage all your AWS account. Plus, you will also benefit from smooth and less expensive access to the platform's resources.

Scope of services

What we can do for you

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    Design your cloud environment based on the Well-Architected Framework

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    Optimize your cloud environment for performance, availability, and scalability

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    Choose and set up the right AWS services according to your needs

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    24/7/365 monitoring, log analysis, and quick response to incidents

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    Migrate your existing IT environment to the AWS cloud

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    Ensure safety and compliance requirements are met

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    Manage your cloud environment including account and billing

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    Develop a cloud strategy in line with your business objectives

Why we are the perfect fit

Reliable support

Single point of contact, round-the-clock monitoring and operational support

Skills & experience

A team of AWS-certified engineers looks after your cloud environment

Simple billing

Let's make things easier. Get a single invoice for all your AWS services.

Lower costs

Usage monitoring, alerts, and optimal service management

Managed AWS

Selected AWS services that we can manage for you

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    Compute service configuration, optimization and management (EC2)

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    Storage service management (EBS, S3, S3 Glacier, ESF, FSx)

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    Public and private network service management (VPC, ALB, NLB, Route53)

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    Content delivery service management (CloudFront)

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    Container and Kubernetes-related services management (e.g. EKS, ECS, ECR services)

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    Cost optimization tools (AWS Cost Explorer, AWS Budgets, AWS Cost and Usage Report)

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    Security Service Management (AWS WAF, Amazon GuardDuty, KMS, CloudHSM)

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    CI/CD process support with AWS CodePipeline

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    DevOps workflow management (AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeDeploy)

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    OS-level service monitoring

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    Database service management and maintenance (e.g. AWS RDS, ElastiCache, Amazon DocumentDB)



Oktawave supports the use of Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) for data storage and processing in your data center as long as it runs on VMware.

Alternatively, you can host it on the Oktawave cloud platform. The managed Amazon RDS can be deployed with Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MySQL engines.

Oktawave provides end-to-end support in the migration process of your RDS instances and data, as well as ongoing operational maintenance of the database environment after migration.

  • Deploy Amazon RDS
    in two ways

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    AWS RDS on VMware in your data center

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    AWS RDS on the Oktawave cloud platform

Hybrid Cloud


Oktawave is one of the first AWS partners in Poland, that allows clients to build hybrid cloud environments based on the VMware tech stack and the concept of Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC).


Cloud consulting

Here to help

Get expert advice on how to design a robust cloud environment and have us manage it for you. We will help you increase the flexibility and scalability of your cloud infrastructure.


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