Case Study W&W Consulting

W&W Consulting is fully prepared for the pandemic, thanks to the seamless implementation of remote processes.

  • high availability,
  • scalability,
  • optimization,
  • backup


W&W Consulting


Occupational Health and Safety Outsourcing




Launching additional services in cloud infrastructure and developing the existing on-premises environment.



Business Benefits

  • Unlimited multimedia storage within a dedicated scalable IT infrastructure
  • Process automation
  • Reduction of maintenance costs for physical infrastructure
  • Custom machine work schedule
  • Immediate service availability during a pandemic
  • Full readiness for seamless implementation of remote work model
  • Support in selecting cost-optimal solutions (60% lower Oktawave infrastructure costs)

Case Study W&W Consulting

W&W Consulting is a company operating in the Occupational Health and Safety Outsourcing industry. As one of the leaders in comprehensive Occupational Health and Fire Protection services, it has been present in the market since 2003. The organization's primary objectives include initiatives aimed at education and promotion of the latest solutions to improve working conditions.

W&W Consulting has been utilizing Oktawave services continuously since 2014. The proprietary cloud solutions have proven to fully meet the company's business expectations in terms of process automation and long-term cost savings.


The main argument for implementing the Oktawave Public Cloud was the need to expand the existing on-premises infrastructure. The local IT environment had become insufficient for the company's current operations as well as its plans for rapid expansion. The increasing costs of investing in additional servers and the need to ensure constant supervision over physical hardware provided the basis for considering the implementation of secure, scalable, and efficient cloud technology.

Similar to the physical infrastructure, a limitation arose with the hosted Exchange Online service, which did not allow for effective and timely delivery of notifications to users.

The company considered cloud solutions from the Azure and AWS portfolios. However, after a thorough estimation of monthly fixed costs, the Oktawave offer proved to be the most advantageous. Dedicated services from Oktawave's portfolio for W&W Consulting cost nearly 60% less than those of global providers' infrastructure.


The dynamic growth of the company led to increased expectations for infrastructure, and processes required improvement and automation. From the wide range of services available, four key tools were implemented based on Oktawave's recommendation, meeting the company's priority business needs at that time.

With Oktawave Cloud Storage, the company gained unlimited space for multimedia along with fast and direct access to data over the Internet. The service provided data backup and archiving, as well as a secure model for individually assigning permissions to specific resources.

As part of Oktawave Cloud Instance, W&W Consulting launched its own mail server, removing the limit on sending notifications and messages to users. Application deployment and scaling became faster, and server access became easier and possible on-demand for users.

Transferring back-office services, especially those dedicated to accounting, from physical machines and employee computers to the Oktawave cloud additionally secured the company against data loss without the need for backing up on end-user devices. Simultaneously, the use of Oktawave Scheduler to automatically shut down the infrastructure when it is not actively being used reduced the maintenance costs of the environment by half.

With Oktawave Private Network, the company was able to create a fully virtual data center divided into multiple network zones. The OPN service allowed for complete isolation of individual servers, the launch of a private network for internal services, and filtering access by IP address. OPN ensures data security and unauthorized access to key company resources.

In the case of the W&W Consulting project, Oktawave's responsibility primarily involved support in selecting dedicated solutions and product recommendations. The client had a team of specialists with the appropriate cloud competencies, so the implementation process of the new infrastructure rested directly with the internal IT department. The Oktawave team remained available for support at every stage of the cloud implementation.


The business and technological expectations set by the company nearly a decade ago primarily focused on automating system work, optimizing infrastructure costs, and increasing disk space. The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted additional benefits of the cloud, allowing W&W Consulting to react immediately and smoothly implement remote work systems. The leading security advisory firm underscored its market leader status by maintaining operational continuity during a crisis. It thereby outpaced other organizations, many of which were only beginning to plan their cloud strategy. W&W Consulting operated smoothly, and the company's clients were among the first to gain access to online services such as virtual OH&S training.

One of the key benefits of implementing cloud solutions is also the complete security of systems and the highest protection of resources, not only in the event of natural disasters but also seemingly minor technical equipment failures. Investing in backup becomes a priority from the perspective of business continuity maintenance and is essential for safeguarding against unexpected data loss.

We chose Oktawave because of their exceptionally financially advantageous offer, which clearly stood out from other service providers. The proposed solutions addressed all of our needs and allowed us to fully focus on business development. The Covid-19 pandemic only confirmed that implementing the cloud was the best decision we could have made at that time. The cloud enabled us to quickly and effectively reshape our work system at such a critical moment, which was unprecedented for other organizations.

Hubert Wawrzyniak, CEO / General Manager, W&W Consulting