Cloud Migration Case Study


  • migration
  • high availability
  • scalability




Marketing and advertising


Nowy Sącz, Poland


Demand for a reliable, scalable infrastructure and dedicated administrators support during migration to the public cloud.


  • Cloud migration
  • Oktawave Cloud Instance
  • Oktawave Cloud Storage
  • Cloud Operations Support

Business Benefits

  • Resources to match current business demand
  • The ability to quickly deploy additional production environments

HyperCREW Case Study

Finding a cloud provider that meets all your expectations is not easy, especially if you're looking for dedicated support. The history of cooperation between HyperCREW and Oktawave shows, however, that it is feasible.

HyperCREW is a strategic and creative agency specializing in broadly understood new media. The company brings together less than 40 people and has been developing interactive projects for well-known Polish and global brands for over 10 years. The company's portfolio includes brands such as Bosh, Pizza Hut and Deutsche Bank.

The scope of the company's activities includes designing websites, managing social media campaigns, providing mobile apps and developing media strategies.


Over the years, HyperCREW has often needed a stable infrastructure to launch new digital campaigns. The standard infrastructure could hardly handle the significantly increased traffic. Experienced HyperCREW administrators knew that cloud computing would be the best solution so the process of searching for a supplier has started.

We needed a reliable infrastructure, ready to withstand high traffic loads in short periods, and with the ability to scale resources. In critical situations, we needed the support of an experienced team who, together with our IT department, will immediately develop the necessary solutions and implement the required optimizations.

Tomasz Wajda, IT Head, HyperCREW


It did not take long to find a cloud provider that would meet the HyperCREW requirements. A combination of dedicated support with end-to-end migration service is not a popular one but Oktawave provides both.

Oktawave boasts a strong hardware base, one of the highest security factor Tier3 in the country and an advanced mechanism for adjusting computing power to the current load. Oktawave is also a team of the best administrators who can effectively design, migrate and finally maintain any IT architecture, fully adapting it to the customer's needs.

After setting expectations, Oktawave architects started to design a solution tailored to the needs of HyperCREW. The company could direct their admins to maintain other IT processes as the creation and management of the new infrastructure were entrusted to Oktawave.

We enjoyed the process of determining possible solutions that could help us meet our needs and achieve our goals. We have always received several different variants of architecture from Oktawave and a very substantive support thanks to which we knew its advantages and disadvantages before choosing a solution.

Tomasz Wajda, IT Head, HyperCREW

The specificity of HyperCREW's business activity requires not one, but several machines, ready for rapid expansion. Oktawave offers over twenty pre-configured instances, which allows precise matching of the spec of each virtual machine to the requirements of a specific application. Ultimately, this translates into savings, because the customer pays only for the resources used. Moreover, unlike with traditional hosting, it's easy to remove a virtual machine when it is not needed.

Our cooperation went very smoothly, and communication via the ticket system helped to keep order

Tomasz Wajda, IT Head, HyperCREW.

HyperCREW and Oktawave have been cooperating since 2014. The solutions implemented at that time included:

  • Cloud migration - comprehensive service of transferring resources from any infrastructure to the Oktawave cloud
  • Oktawave Cloud Instance - virtual machines that provide scalable computing power for creating and developing websites, web applications and any user systems
  • Oktawave Cloud Storage - an affordable data storage and backup service
  • Cloud Operations Support - advanced technical support provided by a team of top-notch administrators.