Oktawave Selected as a VCSP Premier Partner

Oktawave been granted Premier Partner status and now serves as a VMware Cloud Service Provider (VCSP) in European Economic Arean. To understand precisely what the change in VMware technology licensing terms by Broadcom entails, you should review the specifics of the transition. Ensure to ascertain the steps necessary to maintain full operational continuity for your business during this transition period.

As a result of VMware’s acquisition by Broadcom in 2023, the Broadcom Advantage Partner Program for VMware Cloud Service Providers was established. Premier Partner status entitles you to provide VMware licenses to other cloud service providers who previously participated in the VCPP program. Organizations meeting the criteria of a White Label Partner, i.e., Secondary VCSP, can expect support from Oktawave in adapting to the new market conditions.

The New Licensing Terms for VMware by Broadcom

As part of the Broadcom Advantage Partner Program, three levels of partnership have been distinguished: Pinnacle, Premier, and Registered. The latter will be the most common case. According to the new policy, a Registered partner has very limited interaction capabilities with Broadcom. In this situation, choosing the right partner authorized to provide VCF licenses becomes extremely important. Oktawave ensures business continuity and maintains full operational continuity in the face of changes.

The offering presented by Secondary VCSP partners to their clients is based directly on the White Label service. As part of Broadcom’s new policy, two models of White Label offerings are launched.


  • Primary VCSP (Pinnacle or Premier Partners) resell services to Secondary VCSPs.
  • Secondary VCSPs can provide cloud services to their clients under the Secondary VCSP brand, using the hardware of Primary VCSPs.
  • Secondary Partners do not need their own servers—they receive a complete service, which they brand with their own logo and resell.


  • Primary VCSPs (Pinnacle or Premier Partners) are authorized to provide licenses and support for Secondary VCSPs.
  • Secondary VCSPs can deliver cloud services to their clients under the Secondary VCSP brand on their own hardware.
  • Primary VCSP is responsible for support, measuring usage, and reporting utilization by end customers.

Oktawave’s Offer as a Premier Partner VCSP

As part of the Oktawave offer, Secondary VCSP partners receive a subscription proposal with a three-year commitment agreement or on-demand model. Subscriptions are available in monthly or annual settlement forms.

Oktawave meets the needs of providers by not charging fees for joining the program. Our motivation remains to support Polish and European organizations in maintaining operational continuity in the face of current market challenges. We are aware of the difficulties that may arise in the current situation, so we strive to provide full engineering support for all organizations that find themselves in this situation.

Why is it worth cooperating with Oktawave?

  • Transparent cooperation terms (in both three-year and on-demand models).
  • Clear and transparent cooperation agreements, already available to Secondary VCSP Partners.
  • Dedicated support line – both for new licensing terms and L1 and L2 support.
  • Support from a team of nearly 100 certified engineers experienced in VMware technology.
  • Access to comprehensive product and legal knowledge.
  • Dedicated sales contacts for inquiries related to VMware changes.
  • Individual approach to each client.
  • Experience in obtaining MDF funds from VMware and other partners.

Broadcom Announces New Program – Advantage Partner Program Broadcom For VCSP

The acquisition of VMware by Broadcom signifies a revolution in the technology sector, particularly for European cloud service providers. The changes brought about by this move have a profound impact on how companies will leverage cloud virtualization technology. Broadcom, as the new owner of VMware, completely redefines the licensing rules by introducing a new model called VMware Cloud Service Provider (VCSP), replacing the previous VCPP program.

Both the structure and the method of purchasing licenses for VMware software by Broadcom partners are changing. Organizations at the Secondary Provider level must join the White Label program to continue conducting business based on VMware technology. The White Label model operates exclusively through Pinnacle and Premier level partners. In the previous Cloud Commerce Manager (CCM) model, it acted as a distribution aggregator. Now its role is to closely collaborate with Pinnacle and Premier partners, providing support in billing, VCSP contract management, as well as in operational, product, and marketing areas.

Read more about Broadcom Advantage Partner Program >

Transition Period

Broadcom is introducing a simplified business model— all services offered by VCSP providers will now be based on a per-core subscription license.

March 31, 2024, marks the final settlement day for the VCPP model and also the last day of using VMware platforms. Starting April 1, every organization should have Usage Meter 4.8 deployed in their infrastructure.
Why is this so crucial? Usage Meter 4.8 is capable of counting data based on the new per-core licensing model starting from April, enabling accurate tracking of license usage.

April 1, 2024, initiates the new method of calculating VMware license usage (requiring an upgrade to UsageMeter version 4.8).

April 30, 2024, is the deadline for Secondary VCSP partners to join the program and settle licenses during the Transition Period (from April 1 to April 30, 2024).
What does this mean? Usage Meter 4.8 collects data under the new model, counting licenses hourly and reporting monthly on usage status. During the transition period, organizations can smoothly finalize agreements with Premier-level partners and continue operations, while Usage Meter 4.8 processes necessary information for settlement under the new terms.

May 1, 2024, marks the permanent implementation of the new VMware VCSP program. All VMware partner portals will be closed, leaving only the new Broadcom portal.

What to do to maintain business continuity?

The transition period, referred to by Broadcom as the Transition Period, lasts from April 1st to April 30th, 2024. During this time, it is recommended to sign agreements with license providers, i.e., Premier partners, and begin providing services based on the new billing system.

Choosing the right partner for collaboration is crucial because, due to the changes, Secondary Providers will no longer have the option to directly report incidents to Broadcom. Support at levels L1 and L2 will remain within the scope of services provided by Premier or Pinnacle partners. For L3 support requests as well, only Premier Partners will be able to contact Broadcom. The fluidity of operations and swift response time to reported issues are key to maintaining operational continuity and business profitability.

Important Links

OKTAWAVE SUPPORT > broadcom@oktawave.com

What will the new licensing stack look like?

The FLEX model, which was in effect until now, has become history. Broadcom is completely changing the previous approach and equalizing the licensing level by introducing a subscription model for businesses and a dedicated model for data centers. All licenses become subscriptions. The data center model has been aligned with the cloud-building model in VCSP (previously VCPP). Partners receive a package of basic licenses – VMWARE CLOUD FOUNDATION, which includes the full vSphere and vSAN environment, billed on a 1/TB per licensed core basis. If the space proves insufficient, there is an option to purchase additional space in the form of add-ons.

The package will also include NSX network virtualization and the Aria solution in the highest Enterprise version for VMware environment diagnostics. Management is performed through both vCenter and SDDC Manager. SDDC Manager is a new environment management tool mainly dedicated to the new licensing models, i.e., VMware Cloud Foundation.

Compared to the discontinued FLEX model, Broadcom offers more licenses, and in case additional features or a higher licensing model are needed, add-ons are also available, similar to the FLEX model.

Support for Secondary VCSP (WHITE LABEL)

Years of experience working with VMware technology have enabled Oktawave to become an expert in strategic recommendations. We possess comprehensive product knowledge and keep abreast of all changes in licensing terms. Therefore, even in such adverse conditions, we will carry out the transformation process smoothly and efficiently. Support fom Oktawave goes beyond assistance in the infrastructure realm; it encompasses full engagement in the business sphere. Our approach to collaboration is individualized and focused on the European market, with particular attention to Poland. We offer comprehensive support not only in selecting the right VMware solutions but also in sales and marketing activities. As a Premier Partner, we transparently share current product knowledge so that you can make informed decisions regarding your business development. The Oktawave cloud experts team, comprising nearly 100 experienced engineers, has rich experience in maintaining and developing our clients’ IT environments. It is thanks to this experience, diverse expertise, and broad technical knowledge that we can understand the unique needs of each business and propose suitable solutions to the challenges ahead of us.

Regardless of whether you have questions or encounter technical issues, you can rely on our support team’s quick response. We communicate in Polish, English, and Ukrainian, which facilitates and expedites the collaboration process. As a Premier Partner, we can effectively facilitate communication with Broadcom support, ensuring comprehensive assistance at every stage of operation. Our goal is to ensure full infrastructure stability and highest operational efficiency.

Oktawave comprehensive support

  • Oktawave not only provides cloud services but also engages as a partner who thoroughly understands the needs and challenges of businesses. Our team of experts, consisting of over 100 experienced cloud engineers, operates continuously in a 24/7/365 model and is prepared to swiftly respond to current issues and challenges.
  • No matter if you have questions, doubts, or need technical assistance, our support team is always available, providing immediate and reliable help. Additionally, we communicate with you in Polish, English, and Ukrainian, which streamlines our collaboration.
  • We believe that the key to success lies in taking an individualized approach to every business. We aim to thoroughly understand your needs and business goals so that we can propose the best solutions. We are ready to support you at every stage of the challenging transformation process.
  • We operate based on years of experience and best practices in business. Transparent cooperation on partnership terms is essential to us. We focus on supporting partners during times of change rather than profiting from a challenging market situation. Our contracts include clear clauses prohibiting competition.

Understanding various market perspectives, we are fully aware of the situation and changes occurring in the IT sector. We recognize the impact that new licensing conditions for VMware technology will have on other organizations, which is why we provide comprehensive support for Secondary VCSP companies. The Oktawave team of experts is prepared to practically support cloud service providers to ensure business continuity and minimize the negative effects of changes in VMware technology licensing conditions by Broadcom.

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